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Local, artisan producers and food retailers all in one place and under one roof

Explore, eat, enjoy!

Cornucopia Cornwall celebrates the role that food has played in the unique heritage of Cornwall.

Tastes are changing and we’re enjoying the vibrant street food popping up all over Cornwall. That is why you will find wood-fired pizza alongside a traditional pasty.

Think Box Park meets Borough Market – Cornucopia is vibrant, fresh and a totally new leisure experience for Cornwall. Industrial design that is fresh, invogorating and exciting for this quirky corner of Cornwall.

But if it’s a pasty you came for – you’re in the right place! Eat your pasty, shop for your pasty, or book into one of our masterclasses and learn how to bake your pasty!

Sam's Diner is right next door

Sam’s Diner is right next door. This iconic Cornish restaurant is serving up breakfast and brunch, burgers and shakes, ribs and wings. Check out the Skinny Kitsch menu for healthier options!

Eat local, shop local

We want food served at Cornucopia to be enjoyed, shared and celebrated. There is an abundance of choice – and plenty of places to pause and rest while you eat.

Our Pasty Experience Tour is a great way to explore three different kinds of pasty – and the best drinks to have with them.

Choose Cornish, make a difference

Cornwall is renowned for delicious recipes that celebrate local, seasonal ingredients.

This quirky corner of the UK is full to bursting with fabulous local produce. Every penny spent locally makes a different to the small producers we support, and at Cornucopia you’ll find plenty of delicious and easy ways to do this.

Bake your own

Come and learn how to bake the perfect pasty