Take a tour of the tastes and traditions that make Cornwall unique

Pasty Heritage Centre

Come for a pasty and stay for the day. Learn about the part the pasty has played in the unique heritage of Cornwall.

Cornucopia Cornwall includes a whole area dedicated to the history and heritage of the pasty.

Enjoy state-of-the-art interactive displays, family activities and innovative games.

The right mix: spud, swede and skirt

Come and learn what makes a Cornish pasty authentic – it’s a delicate balance of ingredients. You won’t find any carrots here!

Learn how to bake the perfect pasty – and browse while it bakes. Enjoy on site or take home for your croust.

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Cornish Tinners abroad

The specialist skills of Cornish Tinners used abroad has given us many stories to tell.

There are deep-rooted links between Cornwall and Mexico – so far apart in climate and culture. Come and learn more about Cornish miners and Mexican pasties.

At least

2,000 people

work in pasty production

At least

120 million

Cornish pasties are made each year

Do you know your cock from your hen?

If a pasty is crimped by a left-hander it is called a cock pasty. Right-handed crimpers make hen pasties.