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Among Us is a super-hyped social-deduction game by InnerSloth studio. Based on the classic Mafia game, it offers you to become a random peaceful or villainous astronaut and complete the tasks to stay alive or eliminate everyone on the ship. The great news is that you can play the game with your friends, independently from the platform they have. You can jump in for free if you have an iOS or Android device, or purchase the game for Xbox One, PC, or Nintendo Switch. 

As you start the game, you can create a custom astronaut character by changing the color and picking up a funny hat that suits you the best. Next, you can either create an online room and invite your friends to play or join any random room online and play with other players from your region. The gameplay is split into two main parts. The first is about exploring the ship and completing various simple quests to keep the ship going (if you are a peaceful astronaut) or pretending that you are a good boy or girl and killing others silently (if you are an impostor). When peaceful crewmates find dead bodies, they can gather emergency meetings to discuss the accident with others and vote upon discharging an alleged impostor through the trash chamber.

The Chatting Part

You already know that you can call emergency meetings, but what’s really cool about them is that you can communicate with other players using a textual chat. This means that you are totally unlimited on the verbal means. The meeting flow usually goes like this:

  • You or someone else gathers the meeting;
  • Everyone suggests who’s the impostor and those players try to prove they are peaceful;
  • Everyone votes against particular players;
  • Players with the highest number of votes are thrown to outer space via the trash chute.

There are no limits to what you can say to persuade everyone and the only way to survive is to make everyone think that you say the truth, even if you don’t.

Best Cross-Play so Far!

The extreme popularity came to Among Us only 2 years after the release, but it seems to be highly sustainable. More and more players keep coming to the game to test their wits, so it’s high time to compete with them. Although Among Us is a very simple 2D game, it’s also incredibly stylish and catchy. We guarantee that you won’t be able to forget the game after playing your first match. The wish to win will be so strong that you’ll spend hours trying to outwit everyone on the ship! By the way, the new large map has been added recently.


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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