Final Fantasy 8 for iOS Released

Review by Sam Delton / 30 Mar 2021
Final Fantasy 8 for iOS Released

Square Enix reissues the Final Fantasy VIII for iPhone and iPad owners. Original FFVIII was released on February 11, 1999. The game quickly became one of the most successful parts of the series. Developers sold over 9.6 million games around the world. Now the FFVIII is available on an iOS mobile platform. The CG character was also renewed, and the picture became flawless. The new app is a part of the game’s remaster for PC, and it is a one-time offer. After you download one version, there is no extra charge for another one.

The main features available in the game are:

  • Guardian Force, which are the creatures that have to protect the main characters. You can summon them in the battle to reveal the great force;

  • Drawing allows you to receive and use magic while you are in the battle. There is no MP: the magic you can extract maybe even kept for a later time;

  • There is a functioning system that offers players to equip their Guardian Force and keep the magic until they have to use it;

  • Players can turn on or off their Battle Encounters.

You can buy the Final Fantasy VIII Remastered version from March 25 until April 4. The game is available in the App Store. It costs $16.99, while the original price was $20.99.

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