Four New Tools for Video Makers by YouTube Shorts

Review by Sam Delton / 12 May 2021
Four New Tools for Video Makers by YouTube Shorts

If you have been making videos and publishing them on YouTube, you have probably tried third-party video editors that proved to be more functional than the original YouTube editor. To confirm its titan status among video hosting platforms, YouTube now launches four more instruments for video creators, so they can make YouTube Shorts right with the original app.

For hardcore video editing fans, these tools may seem too basic. More than that, they can remind less serious platforms like TikTok or IGTV. It’s not the right time, though, to sort platforms like this, and YouTube has its reasons to encourage its users to make short videos more easily. 

60 Seconds Recording

While previously YouTube Camera could only record 15-second videos, now the maximum length is 60 seconds. It guarantees the videos you record do not exceed the maximum you can upload to YT Shorts. After recording, you can edit it in the built-in editor just like any other video. The only limitation that remains is that if you want to use some YouTube Music soundtrack, the maximum duration is still 15 seconds, due to copyright issues. 

Shorts Video Filters

Finally, YouTube is into filters and effects too. Now you can simply select the filter to apply on your Shorts video, just like one does on Instagram, TikTok, or other services that go from short to long. YouTube announces more filters and effects to come this year already, as it intends to make YouTube Shorts a serious rival to these. 

Automatic Captions

To make creating captions easier, YouTube lets video makers add captions both manually or automatically, just forming them from the original sound with a little help from speech recognition algorithms. Everyone has probably seen how it works on YouTube, with subtitles generated automatically. If recognition fails, the author can enter the caption manually, then the watchers will be able to choose between manual and automatic captions. 

Shorts Makes It to YouTube App

It becomes easier to promote Shorts videos, because the original YouTube app receives a dedicated Shorts tab after the next update. It replaces the removed Explore tab. Users will be able to discover new content there, which makes a great opportunity for Shorts makers. Dedicated Shorts tabs will also appear on channels of authors who public Shorts along with regular YouTube videos. 

To Cut a Long Video Short

All these features will be available to users in the USA after the update rolls out. They will be available for both iOS and Android versions. Hardly will these simple tools replace professional video editors, but amateurs will make more spectacular and watchable content with them.

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