iOS & PC Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta is Out

Review by Sam Delton / 22 Apr 2021
iOS & PC Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta is Out

Although cloud gaming seems to be the only future for the entire industry, it’s still a relatively small and underdeveloped market on which expensive hardware platforms are still in high demand. 

Microsoft has been delaying their Xbox Cloud Gaming platform beta as the company doesn’t see a huge advantage in rolling it out along with the early stages of Xbox Series X sales. Nevertheless, the beta is finally out, and you can have your hands on it if you’re a Game Pass Ultimate user and receive one of the limited-number invites. Don’t be ashamed if you’re not a popular tech blogger as the circle will eventually grow wide. 

Xbox’s Catherine Gluckstein says that the team will test and improve the platform’s performance and eventually add more devices. In the coming months, the platform will become available to all or most Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users. 

Due to Apple’s anti-cloud gaming attitude, Xbox Cloud Gaming is and will be an entirely web-based experience for the Safari browser, while Android will have a separate app for that. How do you think it would affect the performance of the platform on both devices? 

Are you looking forward to testing Xbox Cloud Gaming, or you are already happy with your Google Stadia? Let’s chat in the comments! 

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