WhatsApp to Introduce Chat Migration Between Android and iOS

Review by Sam Delton / 20 May 2021
WhatsApp to Introduce Chat Migration Between Android and iOS

It has always been an issue with WhatsApp that one just could not transfer the chat history between iOS and Android. Not having its own cloud for this, WhatsApp uses iCloud for backups on iOS and Google Drive on Android. It works just fine when you migrate within one platform, but if you switch from Samsung to iPhone (or vice versa), chats will be tricky to synchronize.

The existing ways of syncing were quite tricky, involving recovery from Google Drive (but not vice versa) or via email. None of them worked perfectly. But it may change soon, as WhatsApp is finally (in 2021) focusing on this issue. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is after making the migration easier.  It’s not clear yet whether WhatsApp is to introduce its cloud drive (like that of Telegram) or to use some third-party solution.

The update will be announced soon, as the leak states. When chat migration is made properly, it’s to be rolled out with a new app update. Along with this reworked migration system, WhatsApp will also make some change in the app’s appearance, letting users change colors of some interface elements. It’s not clear yet which elements it will be, so we expect the announce to have it covered too when it gets official.

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