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Secret Neighbor is a social horror game by the creators of the super-popular Hello Neighbor series. In this multiplayer action spinoff, you can team up with up to 6 other players and intrude into the Neighbor’s house to find a way to enter his basement full of dark secrets. As a bonus, you can sometimes play the Neighbor himself and defend his home with some villainous tricks! 

TinuBuilt released Secret Neighbor in 2019, but it’s still an extremely popular game, so you would find teammates very quickly if there’re not enough friends online. As the game begins, you can select one of 6 new kid characters. Each of them has a unique customizable appearance and a set of special skills. As the characters are all very different. you should collaborate with others to reach the goals faster. For example, the Brave kid can release from the Neighbor’s deadly grip, while the detective can find clues of the basement keys’ locations. It’s very exciting to master every character. But, of course, playing Mr.Peterson is the most exciting opportunity as it’s not available in other games of the series.

The purpose of the team is always the same – you have to find all the keys hidden around the house and get into the basement until the Neighbor catches everyone. The biggest problem is that one of the kids is a Neighbor in disguise! 

Perfection in Detail

Secret Neighbor holds the quality bar established by Hellow Neighbor and gets even higher due to excellent audio and video effects and the reworked multiplayer controls scheme. The whole game is smooth and doesn’t annoy you with any sort of inconvenience. The Neighbor’s house was renovated to match the dynamic pace of the team-based action and provide you with enough space for strategy-making and hiding. We also recommend you wear headphones to benefit from the 3D soundscape. It can give you a sonic clue if someone is creeping behind!

Get Ready for Action

Secret Neighbor is a great multiplayer spinoff that lets you experience the Hello Neighbor universe from the brand new side. It’s super dangerous, challenging, and scary even though all the actions are performed by real players rather than scripts. We highly recommend the title to everyone who likes the Hello Neighbor universe or enjoys multiplayer action games with social-deduction elements. It’s also very fun to play with your friends when the voice chat feature is on!


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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  • hi i want to try this i hope it work
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  • Nice free game im intreeged.
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